International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 682
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  • Sate of The Union
    Posted On: Feb 52, 2022

    Brothers and Sisters of Local 682,

    As I’m sure you’re aware, we are entering negotiations later this year. Don’t wait to fill out proposals. The window to submit will close at the end of June so the Local Executive Board has time to review them before sending them up to SCU-8 for consideration in the final proposal package. Get them to your closest officer or steward (do not send them to us via company email!). Make sure you are signed up and verified on the SCU-8 website as this is the only place you will be able to vote on the ratification of the MOA (it should go without saying, but do not sign up with company credentials!). If you wait until the day of the vote, you will not have time to be verified and will not be able to vote. Non-member employees do not have voting rights; feel free to remind them of this as you help us recruit in house.

    Time Sheets have become an issue again in certain places in our jurisdiction. Willful violations are considered time theft, and cases containing this element put your representatives in a nearly impossible position of defense. We will aggressively defend honest mistakes, but have no ground to stand on otherwise. If you have any questions about what your time input should be, seek out your timekeeper or Supervisor and get it cleared up before you submit. If there is a company error in your favor, we can go back and seek reimbursement. The extra meal or overtime isn’t worth 30 years of employment!

    To segue from the previous paragraph, we need to man our stations. Be at your post, doing what you’re supposed to be doing, when you’re supposed to be doing it. Be sure your trucks are where they’re supposed to be. If you need to use sick or vacation time, be sure you’re speaking with your Supervisor for approval. You can not abandon your job without notification. Do not falsify logs of any type (willful violation). Do not ignore safety rules or regulations (willful violation). These are all issues we’ve had to deal with recently that are difficult or impossible to defend in grievance and arbitration. They will likely cost you your job.

    As technology, plant closures, and contractors continue squeezing our ranks lower and lower, it’s more important now than ever to be the absolute best option for the company or we may find ourselves replaced. Continue being the best in your trade and keep us in good position for the future. Do what all of you do best.

    Local 682 and/or SCU-8 are working on an organizing opportunity in the panhandle. We will know more in the near future, so stay tuned.

    We have had some settlement offers on grievances of late with some employees having discipline reduced and/or getting time back in their bank.

    The System Council recently met and had good conversations across all five locals. You’re seeing some of the recent MOU’s that the System Committee has been working on rolling out now and there are more being worked on. Anclote – your four-shift proposition is being worked on; stay tuned.

    The International Convention is being held in Chicago in May. We will have two representatives heading up to participate in all activities and bring back information.

    We are hanging around 500 members on average; please help us out and continue the internal organizing drive. If you know of new hires or someone who has been around for awhile but never been approached by The Union, let us know and we’ll arrange to talk with them.

    March meetings are back on track! Please plan to attend the home or sub-local meeting in your area.

    In Solidarity,

    ~ Chris Windnagel; President, IBEW Local 682

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