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  • State of the Union
    Posted On: Aug 220, 2021

    Brothers and Sisters of Local 682,

    We’re marching through the summer months and grinding through the middle of the year. Keep watching out for each other out there in the field.

    COVID-Delta is the continuing hot topic and as always it is a divisive issue – so much so that it led the Executive Board to stand down on opening full-scale Local and Sub-Local meetings. Up to this point in time we were close to re-opening. Many of you knew B.J. Garrett – who recently passed due to Covid complications - and so many other brothers and sisters who have been negatively impacted by the virus in some way or another. We know this has been a frustrating time for everyone, especially for you die-hard meeting regulars who come by to stay informed and voice your concerns every month. We’ve been discussing ways to further our interaction digitally, and will continue to do everything we can in lieu of regular meetings. Please continue to be the watchdogs out there and push issues and concerns up the chain as you see them. We’re a bit disconnected at this point, but we’re all just a call away from each other; pick up the phone! Side note: Rumors have been swirling lately about mandated vaccination for Bargaining Unit employees, but to this point, no attempt has been made.

    In the last few months, Officers and Stewards have heard or are about to hear grievances from nearly every Seniority Group we represent. We’ve won some, lost some, and settled some, but any victories started with that initial grievance form filed in the shop. Thank you for taking the time, for working toward maintaining the integrity of our contract, and for keeping an eye out for the Bargaining Unit. The Executive Board continues to work behind the scenes towards favorable resolutions.

    In the Line Department, the D.O. program is presenting unique challenges to be worked through and there will be more to come.

    It was recently unveiled that house TTO’s are to have in-cab cameras installed as a pilot program. This follows closely on the uptick in camera additions in Subs and Ops yards. Expect them to be used.

    Those of us in T&D had our first Storm tune-up of the season. Execution went well, but it spawned grievances stemming from the application of the Storm Exhibit. More to come.

    Steward classes have been postponed twice, once due to Covid. Reschedule is pending. Please sign up if you have interest in helping out! It’s a thankless, but vital, position and we need many more!

    We’ve been adding members from the new hire classes, but as always, if you know of any non-members who are interested, have them pick one of our numbers from the contacts page.

    The U-8 System Council meets later this month and all five locals will be well represented. That’s just a quick update for you. Feel free to contact your officers with any issues and we’ll get you taken care of. Continue working safely and hopefully we’ll see you soon!

    In Solidarity,

    ~ Chris Windnagel; President, IBEW 682                                                                                 8.5.21

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